Saeta Hernando

Graphic communicator.

with experience in interdisciplinary cultural event management and
in connecting with the "INNER CHILD" through playful artistic expression.

I love stories of all kinds: adventurous, humorous, fantastic or poetic, classic and modern. I like to read them, listen to them, tell them, see them and, above all, illustrate them. I love to create small parallel plots and visual winks within my illustrations to expand the main story, even in textbooks.
I have participated in projects of big publishing houses like Loewe Verlag, Richmond, Pearson, SGEL, Edebé or Anaya.


When I receive a project, I read it carefully and immerse myself in it. I let the images flow, envelop me in their atmosphere and the characters are appear.
 Then I take the pencil, I put myself completely at the service of the story, letting the style it wants to whisper to me become the one that best expresses the story.

The techniques I use

Depending on the project I can do the whole process in DIGITAL or ANALOG ART TECHNIQUES, although I always work in a MIXED way with both techniques. For digital art I use quite varied software which are carefully selected according to the characteristics of each project.
I enjoy trying new technologies.


My favorite techniques for illustrating or making comics in analog are:
- Graphite and colored pencil
- Watercolour graphite
- Cakes
- Black and coloured Chinese ink
- Watercolours and gouache
- Acrylic painting


As for digital I use different graphic applications, depending on the project:
- Clip Studio Pro and ArtRage (iMac + iPad)
- Affinity Design, Photo (iMac + iPad) and Publisher
- Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Animate
- Motion 5 and Final Cut Pro
- Krita and DaVinci Resolve (freeware)
- Artstudio Pro, Procreate (iPad)

Artesaeta Titeres


Puppet and object theatre is one of the most technical artistic expressions, thus opening up an enormous range of possibilities for expressive experimentation through different materials. It combines character design, three-dimensionality and direct animation.

Artesaeta Titeres

In 2012, I started a project of education through art and puppets called ARTEFACTUM, together with the dancer and choreographer Bettina Inés Truffat. We started with children's workshops and in 2017 we decided to make them for young people and adults, especially TEACHERS, interested in reconnecting with their "INNER CREATIVE CHILD".

Artesaeta Titeres

I work on the development of creativity with puppets in the educational field proposing a new methodology of EDUCATION THROUGH ART:
IDYL Learning.
There are many positive contributions that develop from working with puppets and marionettes at any age.

They stand out among others:

  1. PSYCHOMOTRICITY - Whether it is a single animator who gives life to the puppet or several, creating and animating a puppet involves a series of psychomotor exercises and coordination that set in motion all the neurons.
  2. SELF-ESTEEM - The management of frustration, being able to create an object from simple materials such as paper, cardboard or old clothes, "give it life" and also enter into communication with others through that object, is one of the most satisfying exercises to increase self-esteem.
  3.   EMPATHY - "Giving life" or animating an inanimate object and making it credible supposes exercising empathy, putting oneself in the place of the other. Observing the environment and others, interacting with them. Working with an object exempt from oneself - the puppet - reinforces this ability more than with pure acting work since the "other" is present from the beginning.
  4. RESILIENCE - The possibility of working through fantasy, in a playful and protected environment allows to connect with the INNER CHILD, to encourage creativity, to be autonomous and to communicate through valorisation, humour and tenderness, regardless of age, gender, social class or place of origin, thus underpinning this human capacity for constructive recovery from adverse situations.


I started my professional career working in animation and I continue animating specific projects with different techniques: Flash, Cut Out, Motion Graphics, HTML 5, ... Puppets.

Having worked in traditional animation for more than ten years and my passion for learning new ways of communicating, have given me five characteristics that mark my style and way of approaching each new project


of artistic styles, from realism to "cartoon" through technical drawing. The analog and digital art techniques are always at the service of the narration.


as much in the creation of characters as in the scenic planning, the sets and the narrative, always looking for action with a cinematographic touch.


Expressiveness of emotions in the forms and in the background, in the creation of the characters, in their poses, in the narrative, in the graphic technique. To tell stories is to share the EMOTIONAL EXPRESSION of what happens to us.


in my continuous quest to always give the best of myself in each project. Continuous learning, innovation and drive with each new challenge. That's how I grow and how my clients and collaborators grow.


Teamwork is essential to achieve the highest goals, always with respect and value for the effort of each one. No project is successfully completed by a single individual.


thanks to all my collaborators and clients for their trust

Clientes y colaboradores de Saeta Hernando - Artesaeta

What I offer in my collaborations is my entire willingness to find the best visual narrative with which to express each project. This is the reason for my multiple styles, as many as stories I can create.


if you want to see my COMPLETE PORTFOLIO or want to start
I am available to evaluate offers and possible collaborations.





Email: saeta(at)
Phone: +49 (0) 30 34 509 117

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